What We Do

Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd operates through four divisions: IT Solutions, Agriculture Innovation, Construction Innovation and Energy Innovation. Our strategy is simplified by Focusing on growth in the four core divisions via diversification and innovation

It’s our people who create the value in the business, but at Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd, we are happy to let our actions do most of the talking. We believe in our capable staff being given & taking responsibility. By having the tools & the freedom to make decisions at the ‘coal face’, they can react to changing customer needs without having to go through unwieldy governance structures. Our distinctive combination of scale & nimbleness enables us to rapidly respond to evolving customer needs & marketing conditions, translating into a continual desire to innovate & stay at the leading edge of our industry.

Our Missions

Our mission is to deliver solutions that improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities, simple.

Corporate diversity and inclusion

At Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd, diversity and inclusion are foundations that shape, define our business and empower our people. We recognize, as an organisation with rich heritage of pushing the envelope and setting impeccable standards for others to follow, we power growth and value for our customers, that we rely on the vast expertise and knowledge that comes from a diverse work force. We have partnerships in countries around the world, and they are unique in their cultures, experiences, backgrounds and skills. We believe that a work force and work place that value diversity, foster inclusion and belonging, and help develop each person's unique abilities will enable us to meet and exceed our business goals and ensure our role as an industry leader.

Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd strives to promote an inclusive and belonging environment in which all employees feel welcomed, challenged and rewarded for their contributions. We leverage our organizational diversity through our commitment to our Core Values of Accountability, Customer Focus, Inclusiveness, Innovation, Integrity and Partnership. Our ability to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest talent is the cornerstone of our competitive advantage. We take pride in cultivating a working environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish, colleagues can develop their careers and we can ensure the long-term success of our business strategies. Only when we are successful in realizing and leveraging a diverse and inclusive work force can we achieve our goal to enable colleague success and create customer delight on a daily basis.

Our Values

Our company tagline is Our Today Defines Your Tomorrow and it accurately summarizes who we are. Passion is how we approach our work – loving what we do and joyfully delivering on our promises. People make it all possible. Our people are the best in the business, and provide the power to deliver our mission and vision. Performance and specifically “better performance” is our ultimate goal. We strive to exceed expectations in everything we do

Our Brand Vision

Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd is built on a strong vision-Everything we do and deliver today will allow others to realize their vision tomorrow. At Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd, we look beyond the current trends and operations and see the impact we have on people and the world. This way of thinking is what drives our essence for “defining possibility.” We believe in the power of people and their ability to explore and shift boundaries which lead to success. Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd has a rich heritage of pushing the envelope and setting impeccable standards for others to follow. Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd is an organization that understands it is only as strong as its people. It is through our people that we will deliver on our promise or external expression of our brand essence, it is because of them who are and still powering possibility.

Creating a successful brand is always a challenge, but overcoming challenges and recognizing opportunities is what will make Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd one of the greatest South African brands. In our world, anything is possible.

Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd

Delivering solutions that improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities deliver solutions that improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities

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