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Agriculture Innovation

Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd is a global provider of independent connectivity and data-driven support solutions for the agriculture and animal health industries. We deliver actionable intelligence to drive business growth across the value chain. Our superior products and services connect and empower industry participants to address their key needs around trading, productivity and compliance. Our solutions are built around the key competences of data connectivity and data analytics delivering seamless supply chain management, customer insight and engagement, essential for businesses looking to improve their value offering and expand in the modern marketplace

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From climate change to consolidation, agribusinesses are under immense pressure. Already there is a shift in thinking as businesses adapt to the changing landscape. By adopting data solutions that recognise and promote sustainability, it’s not just possible to survive – it’s possible to thrive.
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Business Visibility

Imagine knowing how every facet of your business is performing and what your customers need in real time. Agriculture and animal health businesses have the potential to obtain a single, unified view of their business and customers, ensuring strategic and operational decisions are based on data-driven insights.
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Operational Efficiency

More efficient operations mean increased productivity and better returns. Advanced data solutions put an end to costly and time-consuming human errors. Automating business processes helps to relieve pressure and improve efficiency in both the long- and short-term.
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Both agriculture and animal health businesses are under increasing pressure, both from legislation, and end consumers concerned with how their food is produced. Complete traceability is the answer, while also keeping you in control of your business. Tracking products across every point in the supply chain, from grower to consumer, is becoming more and more vital.
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Businesses in both the agriculture and animal health sectors want to increase engagement with their customers. For agribusinesses across the supply chain, this means developing closer relationships with their farmers and growers. Farmers and growers want to generate valuable and actionable insight from their data which help them enhance yield, and their bottom line. Advances in technology and smart data usage makes this possible.
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Agricultural businesses are facing increased pressure to meet regulatory and internal compliance, both from consumers and regulatory bodies. Animal health businesses are also under increasing pressure to adhere to regulatory standards, including conscientious use of antibiotics and a greater focus on preventative treatment.
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Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd

Delivering solutions that improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities deliver solutions that improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities

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