Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Imagine if all of your employees can connect to the applications and files they depend on from anywhere in the world on any given device: This is the power of the cloud. Enhance your collaborative efforts, increase productivity and unite your workforce, no matter how you do business. From the plug-and-play simplicity of Microsoft 365 to the scaling power of Azure and AWS, the cloud helps you streamline your workflow and redefine what is possible. All your business needs is just a reliable IT support company in London in order to start.

What cloud solution is right for me?

There are several considerations to take into account when deciding on a cloud solution. The type of files you will be storing and sharing and your available bandwidth will determine what will work best in your situation. Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd will work closely with you to design a cloud infrastructure that will deliver on the features you need, whether a public, private or hybrid solution.

Working with Bournemouth Corporate (Pty) Ltd

Your business continuity is assured as your migration will be seamless and trouble-free. With several deployment options and a subscription-based payment schedule, you can start working smarter, not harder.

Cloud Solutions

You can count on our expert guidance in helping you determine your specific cloud requirements.

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Cloud E-Mail

Access your email from any location and any device with an internet connection

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provides a flexible solution to accessing your files that will grow with your business.

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G-Cloud is an online marketplace for Government departments and local authorities to buy Cloud based services from a pool of approved suppliers.

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